Should my cat have a private room?

If you have an elderly cat, a kitten, or your cat is rather timid or a bit anti-social, or you would just prefer your cat to have its own room, then yes, you should consider the small extra amount and treat your cat to a private room. Your cat will not be disturbed by other cats, and it enables your cat to graze all day on its food if you would prefer that.

Can I visit my cat while it is in the cattery?

We would prefer if you do not come and visit your cat while they are staying with us. This can make them stressed and think that they are going to go home and you leave without them. However, you are free to give us a call or send us and email to check on your pet and we are more than happy to send you photos of your pet.

Do you accept kittens at the cattery?

Yes, we have a kitten house/Play lounge, which is a lounge that is used for kittens and young cats that cannot be put in with the adult cats.

Do the cats fight in the cattery?

No, they do not, because they are a territorial animal, and they are on neutral territory, they do not fight. Some cats may take a day or two to settle in, others a very short time. They are closely monitored to ensure there are no issues. Should there be any issues with a cat in the semi-communal area, we will keep them separate. This may incur additional costs.

What happens if my cat gets sick?

In the event of your cat becoming sick or needing treatment for whatever reason, they will be taken to our vet, who is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we will make every attempt to contact you as soon as possible, to discuss the issue.