Should my cat have a private room?

If you have an elderly cat, a kitten, or your cat is rather timid or a bit anti-social, or you would just prefer your cat to have its own room, then yes, you should consider the small extra amount and treat your cat to a private room. Your cat will not be disturbed by other cats, and it enables your cat to graze all day on its food if you would prefer that.

Can we inspect Catsablanca prior to booking our cat in?

Yes, we are more than happy for you to come and check out the cattery to ensure your cat will enjoy its stay at catsablanca, please call to make a time.

How are they kept at night?

They are placed in their own rooms at night, and that is where they sleep, and where they are fed, this ensures we can monitor their food intake morning and night. Once they have had their morning dinner, they are allowed into the day room/lounge, where there is plenty of fresh air and sunshine. The lounge room has chairs and cat condos, pedestals and shelves etc for them to either sleep or sit on. Some cats love to sit or sleep on the chairs, others prefer to have their own space totally.