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This is Humble. He is the friendliest of visitors we have coming to Catsablanca. He loves human affection and we are certain he brings all the other cats on to his level of calmness.

There isn’t a dull moment with Coco. We will often find him making his own entertainment by annoying the other cats. He is so funny to watch, especially when he makes a friend that likes to play the same games as him.


Leo is one of the most interesting characters we have coming to Catsablanca on a regular basis. He will only drink out of a coffee mug, and won’t eat his food unless someone is watching!

Lilly Loves coming to Catsablanca. She loves exploring the high parts of the cattery and when it’s time to leave, she often doesn’t want to go home.

Charlie has been coming to us for years. When his family has to go away, he comes to his home away from home.